At LAL, we produce language training solutions to organisations all over the world.  Over our 38 year history, LAL has supplied a range of courses to the health sector, educational establishments, transport providers, the aviation industry, law firms, the diplomatic service and across the hospitality industry.  

How it works

LAL tailors training solutions to fit every organisation’s dimensions and dynamics. We offer our courses worldwide, both in beautifully appointed schools across the globe but also made available on your doorstep, with teachers trained by us specifically to deliver your courses in your location.

Why LAL?

You don’t have to come us – we can come to you.  Our course designers will work with you online and if necessary, in-situ to assess your requirements and consider your training options.  Whatever your needs, we will consider your calendar, your financial and your human resource profiles, and with our experience we will work with you to prioritise the language skills solutions your employees need to deliver your services swiftly, accurately, smoothly and with confidence.

Working Together

Together we will establish what is right for your organisation.  This might include online lessons, classroom-based training or hybrid ‘blended-learning’ programmes.  Courses can take place before the working day begins, after it ends, or during working-time as part of your training and development programmes.  We can configure your courses to fit in with any ‘down-time’ periods which may occur in your annual business cycle, courses which may be intensive or spread over longer periods of time.


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